Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Q&A - 18/8


As the U.S. flag was raised at America's embassy in Havana for the first time in 54 years, John Kerry called for a "genuine democracy" in Cuba and his comments were broadcast across the country in full, translated accurately into Spanish so everyone could understand.

Cubans should be free to choose their own leaders, Kerry said, telling the government to respect international norms of human rights.

Cuba's government hit back by criticizing the United States' own record on rights, but it did let its people hear Kerry.


Reestablishing relations with Cuba: great.

Are there any other pariah states left? How about North Korea? Can't the Chinese take care of these f--kers?


Google is to delay the trial of its modular smartphone until next year at the earliest as its development proved more complicated than had been expected.

Project Ara aims to build a mobile device with numerous removable components, which would allow users to change multiple parts including the screen, battery and memory.


Cannot wait to see what these guys will produce.

Sooo is Ara under Alphabet? How about Cloud services?


Alphabet likely won't absorb Google Cloud Platform, Compute Engine


So IT'ish stuff remain under the big G.

Guns and Butter

Peter Schiff "We had a lot of problems that happened in 70s, under Nixon and Ford. But those problems started in the 60s, the great ...