Friday, August 7, 2015

Q&A - 7/8

Last night's debate sent Fox News'  ratings through the roof

They managed the debate surprisingly well

They asked some hard questions, it was well managed overall. Someone I know wanted to create a drinking game around the debates - here's an idea: you drink when u hear the 'R' word: Ronald Reagan.

The candidates.. they all suck. There is only one guy even worthy of mention, but I won't name any names. A hint? It's not the paisan, it's not Trump, and it sure as f**k ain't Bush. Which means any of those three would be _great_ for Hillary. Those three guys: I support you. I'm behind you 110 percent. Go for it.

Q&A - 21/5

Question How do you empirically prove interest rates do not cause increase or decrease in GDP growth? There is a test for that Data ,...