Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Frederic Hof


The Paris outrages may and should shock Washington and the rest of the West from their apathy, indifference and lethargy. There is no reason why the war against ISIS in Syria has to be a long, twilight struggle featuring oceans of ink and hours of bureaucratic effort spent on multiple "lines of effort" like cutting off financing and countering the ISIS "message." Kill them. Kill them quickly. Keep them dead by protecting Syrian civilians from the non-stop atrocities of Bashar Assad, a person whose collective punishment survival strategy -- fully supported by Iran and Russia -- is a recruiting gift that keeps on giving to ISIS [..]

[T]he U.S. should aim to enlist those who are now most directly affected by the ISIS monstrosity -- Syria's neighbors and Western Europe -- to carry the larger part of the ground combat burden. Perhaps Paris and Washington can spearhead a NATO response to a wanton attack on a member state. Perhaps a coalition of the willing can be assembled.


Yep. And it'd be much preferable (for me) that the response to French attack to is purely European (the troublespot is near Europe after all, and the EU bears the brunt of the conflict through refugees). Say after the attack on Friday, on Sunday a European attack force is on the ground in Raqqa, tearing it up.

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