Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Q&A - 17/11

The Guardian

With every new piece of information that has come to light about the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, it has become clearer that the intelligence services in France and Belgium knew about their jihadi backgrounds. Several had dossiers identifying them as radicals. At least five had travelled to fight in Syria and returned to homes in France or Belgium.



The director of the CIA has criticised “hand-wringing” over the role of spy agencies in hunting terrorists and called for legal constraints on
surveillance to be reviewed in the wake of last week’s Paris attacks.

See above

The agencies have everything they need to stop attacks.. and they don't have to wait until the day-of to take care of business u know what I mean?

If by surveillance, dude means bulk collection of data without warrant, that's a no go. Yes agency employees have a lot of fun with that kind of system by passing around intercepted naked pictures of regular people amongst themselves while having a gas at their expense, but I don't think it is serving the public in any other (!) meaningful way.

Glenn Greenwald

[B]laming technology companies [for efforts that make "surveillance" "harder"] is a tactic to shift the blame away from government shortcomings.


Q&A - 21/5

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