Monday, November 16, 2015



Fighter jets launch biggest raid to date targeting Islamic State bastion in Raqqa province of Syria [..]


Yeah that's good but "someone" needs to put boots in the ground (i.e. the French), and clean out these fuckers from Raqqa. For more than a year this place is labeled as ISIS stronghold. How can a bunch of punks have a "stronghold"? This is insanity. Where are the legionnaires? The French would have no problem finding people that could infiltrate these places.

Partly I understand why things are going slow; the coalition is trying to work through the Kurds, and other willing gound forces, together they took back Sinjar which might be why ISIS  mounted an answer, hence Paris. But the pace is glacial. Things needs to move faster.

Why is the attack in Paris not somewhere else? It's pretty clear ISIS has capability there, they attacked Paris because they can. The French security apparatus seems to have failed.

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