Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Day

.. I was walking on 5th Avenue New York and... I really had to go. Really bad. You know, #2. "Red Alert", if u know what I mean. I looked around, "The Trump" Tower was nearby, so I went in to make use of their "facilities". I said to myself, "maybe I should take a Leonardo di Caprio" in here... I could not decide. Then I said.. "maybe I should take a William Shatner". But no no, I was now in Trump Tower, so I have to take a TRUMP. A big TRUMP. So I did it. I dropped it in there man.. Boom! It felt so good... This place was weird by the way; I think the sh..ters were gold plated. I am not joking, it's either that or some other weirdly shiny material, everything was so bright, like, you can't look directly at them, they are blinding your eyes. Freaky environment.

Health Apocalypse Now

Link Much of my time for the past year has been spent navigating the medical maze on behalf of my mother, who has dementia. I obser...