Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Day

.. I was walking on 5th Avenue New York and... I really had to go. Really bad. You know, #2. "Red Alert", if u know what I mean. I looked around, "The Trump" Tower was nearby, so I went in to make use of their "facilities". I said to myself, "maybe I should take a Leonardo di Caprio" in here... I could not decide. Then I said.. "maybe I should take a William Shatner". But no no, I was now in Trump Tower, so I have to take a TRUMP. A big TRUMP. So I did it. I dropped it in there man.. Boom! It felt so good... This place was weird by the way; I think the sh..ters were gold plated. I am not joking, it's either that or some other weirdly shiny material, everything was so bright, like, you can't look directly at them, they are blinding your eyes. Freaky environment.

Q&A - 21/5

Question How do you empirically prove interest rates do not cause increase or decrease in GDP growth? There is a test for that Data ,...