Friday, February 26, 2016

Q&A - 26/2


Boston Dynamics [owned by Google] released a video of its latest robot, Atlas.


Its walking ability, balance seem quite advanced. Exciting development.


Why are there so many anti-establishment candidates [..]

Anti what?

This word is sometimes used to describe Bernie Sanders for example - but they forget the man has been in Congress for decades, and was a mayor before that. So Bernie is also "the establishment", but he is from a different part of the establishment that won some of the recent elections. That's all.

Broadly speaking, I don't think the public will benefit from simply electing an outsider to work inside the existing system - like The Trump. Either the system changes wholesale, becomes something else obviating this incessant need for saviors, heroes who over-promise and under-deliver, or, incremental improvements are made in the right direction by experienced operators who know the system inside-out. Hillary could probably do that, Bernie as well (my #2 choice). On the Republican side it could be Rubio; he seems to be the least insane among the others.

Health Apocalypse Now

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