Monday, March 28, 2016

Blockchain as an Exchange


It's the sort of deal that could revolutionise markets. Salt Lake City online retailer Overstock is trying to prove it can do without stock exchanges and hangers-on like brokers by issuing bonds and shares on its own blockchain-based exchange.

The move suggests blockchain, the new version of the most boring bit of finance – the general ledger that records transactions – might be even more profound than the hype suggests.[..]

"Blockchain is a new way of sharing data and information between parties that are naturally connected to each other that creates a single indisputable version of the truth," he told the Financial Review Business Summit.[..]

"You have brokers, wealth platforms, tech vendors, exchanges, trading, clearing, settlement, custodians, sub custodians, registries and companies.

"It is an extraordinarily complex, sequential process for what is a very simple transaction – buying and selling shares, paying dividends, allowing people to vote at an AGM.

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