Friday, June 3, 2016

Q&A - 3/6


People long for a politician who says it like it is.

It's a trend

It all started with Jesse Ventura; former Navy Seal, pro-wrestler, he was like exactly like this... Then McCain copied his style, he apparently sent people to Jesse V. events trying to learn from it. He must have learned something, because he used this "straight talk" angle against W during primaries and then against Obama during the 2008 election. He failed both times. 

It is clear this style is particularly suited to MBTI ESTPs - especially degenerate ones like Donald Chump - if someone likes to "live in the moment", has these so-called insect priorities, given to running around like a chicken with its head cut off, this seems to be the style of choice. Trump is the most recent of this trend, we'll see if he makes it using it - then it will be time for people to finally see a straight-talker in action - which will make zero difference in governance, and if he ever makes it that far, he will be one of the worst Presidents in US history. The issue will be settled. 


Trump is the son of a German immigrant, and you know, Germans are loud, boastful..


See C. Rapaille's The Culture Code. In France the sun is male, the moon is female. In German it is the other way around, die Sonne, der Mond. In France (and in most Mediterranean countries I assume, and Russia) the male shines, is supposed to take a center stage. In Germany women shine, men are supposed to be the hang-back, silent type, they don't shine (see the fictional story Heidi, a happy little girl, and his silent, grumpy grandfather). That is the arcetype. If you try to be flippant, like this guy, you lose.  D. Chump is the furthest thing from the archetype. Oh and he is no "favorite son" or whateever, he said some shit about people here too, so rest assured, his dumb-ass is disowned. 


What do you have against MTBI SPs? 


There are some great ones. Some cultures can accentuate their negatives, they'll have a hard time at these places, but in some, and with good upbringing, they are perfectly fine. Clint Eastwood is a functioning one, he makes thoughtful movies, though his political views are a bit archaic. It took him a long time to get there though... Ben Affleck is another - great guy.


What is needed to generate philosophy in today's world? 

Three Things

The budding philosopher must be good at three subjects 1) Computation, complexity theory, coding 2) Mathematical modeling, numerical computation 3) Understanding social dynamics, either through math or through inborn skill. Without these three, one cannot shoot the shit on philosophical matters  today. I'm sorry. 

Someone is going to combine all of this, do the slam-dunk.  I am not saying I am that guy, but I can see that's what it will take to get there. P != NP? Lyapunov exponent? Got to grok that biznitch. Without these how can a person generate new ideas on AI, the knowledge economy, so forth? Otherwise we'll have bunch of INTJs talking out of their ass about subject matters outside their knowledge, they have a certain skill with that, sure, but it will not be the real thing.


Aren't INTJs good at theorizing?

They are

.. but they are also given to leave stuff out to "make the theory work" and these  left-out facts can break the model completely. Their motto is "I've made up my mind, don't confuse me with the facts" - their Ni (introverted intuition) works like a fuzzy Ti (introverted thinking) - it can converge on theories extremely fast, with limited knowledge. A strength in many environments, but also  a weakness in some cases.

I give an example to how an INTJ theorizes. One INTJ told me once  "a country needs an empire in their past to have a good culinary culture", Here's a theory. The idea is if there is an empire there'd be a king and queen, and cooking for the palace develops the culinary culture, knowledge would spread from there to everyone, etc., etc.. Granted, history and culinary culture was outside the field of expertise for this INTJ (his field is chemistry and the man is really smart, a genius in fact), though the model has a certain elegance, it fits a lot of data points.  But he left out one data point to make it all work.


Right? I mean, when was the last time anyone went to a British Restaurant? What would the menu even be like? 1) Fish 2) Chips 3) Fish and Chips? Well... anyway. Leaving that aside, the theory could still be salvageable perhaps.., I don't know, maybe you constrain it here and there, and it can still function. 


I Am CRM type is interesting. Who has this type? 


Bill Clinton is one. My favorite example is Bruce B. de Mesquita though (the prediction expert)... One story BBM tells is the time when he used his method to predict the next Indian prime minister in 1979. He thought it would be person X, but his method told him it would be person Y. So his gut told him something, his method told him something else (and the method was correct). This is the apex of achievement for an IAC. BBM's method also requires an information-collection phase when he sits down with someone with domain knowledge, and gains information. So he listens, again a positive for an IAC. 

Another IAC is Dubya (clearly he needs a lot of work). Or D. Trump (basically FUBAR). You can glean tidbits of clues for any type from their talk, it is usually their most memorable moments. Dubya with the megaphone "I heeaaar you" he said  - a positive. A Bill C. quote "Being president is like running a cemetery; you've got a lot of people under you and nobody's listening". The listening. When he was governor, he stopped listening, lost the election. Then he started to listen again, he was back in. "The listening tours" are associated with Hillary these days, but I think they originated with Bill.

During one of Rep debate Ted Cruz said of Trump that "he would be more amiable to the establishment", he was trying to make the point he himself would not be. But for a briefest moment you see Trump having this internal smile, the shy smile of a person being caught. Since listening is an area for development for IAC, their drama also revolves around it.  Cruz was right. Bob Dole too, he said Chump will probably listen more [to the establishment]. The old coot. He has a 6th sense about this stuff, which probably explain his success as a legislator, power broker in Washington.


Hillary and Trump are in a dead heat

Makes sense

This fits to the Time for Change model (the 2nd scenario, brother Bam's net approval has risen a little, and the economy appears to be okay). The elections are about the incumbent party (Democrats) - and the opposition, whoever they might be. All these polls about individual match-ups, Person X vs. Person Y make no sense, because the election is about parties, first, people second. Given that the race is a dead-heat, it will be up to campaigners to nudge the results to one way or another. Hillary has experience, name recognition, and the political machinery - she can win.  

Trump Supporter

Trump's bankruptcies show a great business mind at work. 

Ha ha

Here is the best answer to that.

Work, etc

(New way is too slow) An interesting article: says "simply having the option to decline a task has been shown to boost productivity ...