Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sandy Hook Dad


“[Some say b]ackground checks/assault weapon bans are a slippery slope — if you start there, where does it end?” [..] This gunman, was on an FBI watch list. He beat his wife. By all accounts, he had a history of mental illness. His father was a vocal and public Taliban supporter. Pretty sure those are the types of things that would maybe, probably, come up on a background check. But if you would like to defend the right of mentally unstable, wife-beating assholes to own an AR-15, then by all means invoke your freedom of speech—which is actually in the Bill of Rights—and alienate yourself from good people.

Personal anecdote: my grandpa had to sacrifice his driver’s license when he got tremors and his vision failed. And he certainly would have had it revoked when his dementia set in — because he could have hurt someone on the way to the grocery store. This double standard is mind boggling and irrational. And because it is irrational — this is important — it is emotionally rooted. People are arguing from a place deep in their hearts that is beyond logic.


So true.. Here is the video of a "Sandy Hook dad", the father of a Sandy Hook student, a little girl who apparently made it through the day of the shooting but some of her classmates did not. The man is a gun owner, and he still sounds gung-ho on his gun, he probably would not be too enthusiastic about an assault weapon ban either. At one point he even invokes Charlton Heston with "[you take my gun] from my cold dead hands".

This is insane shit. Like the author above suggests though the issue is emotional which suggests a culture code lurking in there somewhere. I'd call on Clotaire Rapaille for a more detailed analysis and a subsequent media campaign (couldn't a SuperPAC pick this up?). Maybe the code for gun is DICK, and giving it up conjures up feelings about having one's dick cut off.

Also: 9-in-10 on terror watch list who sought guns were approved in 2015

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