Monday, July 11, 2016

Q&A - 11/7


Here is just a sampling of the products, apps and services that have come across my radar in the last few weeks:

A service that sends a valet on a scooter to you, wherever you are, to park your car.

A service that will pack your suitcase — virtually [..]

[T]he bulk of the above list targets a very specific (and tiny!) slice of the population. As one colleague in tech explained it to me recently, for most people working on such projects, the goal is basically to provide for themselves everything that their mothers no longer do [..].

When everything is characterized as “world-changing,” is anything?


Services above are all luxury. Some people find all of the above "great tech", and they'll pooh-pooh finance - something that is 10 times more essential to people's lives.


Say something nice about the Iraq War and W. Bush.

Okay.. I'll Try

9/11 attack was a Sunni driven attack, so in order to provide some balance to the region, the neo-cons, in their great wisdom, aimed to re-integrate Iran back into the world. They knew if they "liberated" Iraq a Shite majority country ruled by a Sunni, next door neighbour Iran would be emboldened which is exactly what happened. Iran played some power games in the area too of course, which only sped up their reintegration. Bama administration did not have to pursue this integration, but they did, and that's where we are now. There is no need to flog Tony Blair endlessly, he simply wanted Britain to play a larger role in the world, and followed W to Iraq.

The only issue with that argument is "was it worth it?". Worse neo-cons fooled Dubya into pursuing this action (the goal was Iran, they told him WMD), the man came up looking like a jackass in the end, a major chink in the armor of the presidency. An entire institution has been tainted because of this. After trillions spent, hundreds of thousands dead - was it worth it?

Note: The part on Blair stands though; there's no need to flog the man endlessly.


Dallas Mayor [..] dropped an extremely uncomfortable reality check: Open Carry, the movement pushed with near-fanatical obsession by Texas Republicans, not only did nothing to help stop the mass shooting of police officers in Dallas, but it actually made the situation far worse. Open Carry had an opportunity to justify its existence – and it failed on every conceivable level.

For Rawlings, examining the aftermath of the shooting made it clear that having dozens of scared civilians clinging to assault-style weapons during a mass shooting was a recipe for disaster. The “good guys with guns” didn’t suddenly become action heroes bravely stopping a heavily-armed lunatic. They acted like any of us would: When the shooting started, they scattered in every direction in terror of their lives. Only unlike others, these fleeing victims were strapped with weapons that sowed confusion. Any of them could have been a shooter attempting to blend in [..]



Who will Trump pick as his VP?

Some suggestions

Here is a list. It is even sorted from best to worst. #1 is great of course, but you could go with Veers or even Haako as exotic picks.

Addition: Video.

Q&A - 21/5

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