Thursday, July 21, 2016

Q&A - 21/7


Trump picks Pence as running mate.


So the initial combo is T.P.?... Seriously.

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On police shootings, we need to side with cops. 

That's not the point

This is.


In Turkey politicians were subject to so many military coups. Should they not fight back? 


But if politicians step outside the law, and into "state of emergency" territory, then what's the difference between them and a military junta? Even before the coup attempt Turkland president kept on meddling in "his" party's politics, a clear violation of the constitution (he is supposed to be impartial). At the same time people are jailed for "insulting" the president invoking a special article in the law that outlaws it. 

So the law is used sometimes, not the other times... This type of utilitarian, short-termist attitude to law at the very top creates chaos. It has been creating chaos for a very long time now. This needs to stop.

Anyone who has been following Turkey closely knows that Erdogan has been mounting a silent, drip-by-drip coup of his own against Turkish democracy for years — jailing reporters, hounding rivals with giant tax bills, reviving an internal war against Turkish Kurds to stoke nationalist passions [..]


That last act right there was another utilitarian, ends-justify-the-means action. 

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Academics are banned from leaving the country in Turkey



But what do we make of whistle-blowers then? Aren't they breaking laws?

The higher the office, the higher the need to follow the law

Law can be wrong, immoral - if regular participants see need for change, and whistle-blowing is the only action, it is done. But there are costs for that - and we can only applaud such people for taking those risks to cause change at legislative / bureaucratic level.

As one gets higher in office, government, the necessity to follow the law becomes more paramount, because wanton law-breaking at that level unhinges everything else - it'll set precedent, can invite backlash, and God knows what else.  

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