Friday, September 16, 2016



After Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, Mark Cuban—the billionaire NBA team owner and Shark Tank star—called him “probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time.” A year later, Cuban endorsed Hillary Clinton at a rally, asking: “Is there any bigger jagoff in the world than Donald Trump?”

[Cuban now says] "Once he won the Republican primary, I honestly expected that he would start to become more businesslike. That he would start to add details to his top-line proposals. That he would demonstrate that he was learning the issues that he could face as president. I didn’t see him making progress or even effort on any of those fronts. But that alone wasn’t enough for me to endorse Secretary Clinton. I have been in the public eye for a long time and have never actively supported any candidate. There were two things that finally led me to endorse Secretary Clinton: The first was that I did quite a bit of homework to understand all the allegations that were directed toward her and found almost all not based on fact and the remainder far from material. The tipping issues were Trump’s positions on NATO, our treaties, dealing with our allies, his comments on nuclear weapons, and his lack of understanding of the concept of deterrence. His ignorance of these issues scared the shit out of me".

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