Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Drop That Oppo Like It’s Hot


[Oppo is short for opposition research..] [W]hat Hillary Clinton did last night — with crucial support from her debate prep team and campaign writ large — was so important and impressive. In 95 minutes, she may have accomplished what has seemed impossible for 16 months: wrestling the conversation away from just “saying more crazy things” and anchoring it firmly back in reality.

As Jonathan Martin from the New York Times noted, she did it by coming ready for all 12 rounds of the fight, hitting Trump with “at least 19 pieces of pure oppo” during the course of the debate. A factual jab once every five minutes or so that culminated in a knockout blow as Secretary Clinton ticked off examples of how Trump talks about women and what he said about Alicia Machado. You could almost hear Team Research cheering in Brooklyn.

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