Friday, September 2, 2016


Good slogan. Though outstanding student debt is  around 1 Trillion $ and 4 billion probably wont make a dent in it, this is still a good place as any to start. I like how the petition is framed; no money to oilmen, but to education. Petition says:
Every year, billions of dollars in taxpayer money goes to subsidize one of the most profitable industries in human history: the oil industry. In 2014 alone, oil companies received more than $4 billion from US taxpayers, despite raking in hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. Meanwhile, we have a student debt crisis in our country. Millions of Americans face mountains of debt to get the education needed to make a good living.
It’s time to shift our priorities. We should be making college more affordable, not lining the pockets of the oil industry.  

BTW: According to IEA unless fossil fuel subsidies are cut, countries will not reach their climate goal targets. 

Note: I did a joke way back saying things like "taking a Leonardo di Caprio" and "taking a William Shatner", etc... I have to make it clear I was just joking, I have no problem with these people. Leo is a great guy in fact, he does a lot publicity work on climate related issues.  

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