Thursday, September 8, 2016

Vertical Underwater Farming


After my farm [an earlier NY based business] was destroyed [by Hurricane Sandy], it was clear to me that I had to adapt because I was facing a serious threat to my livelihood. I began to re-imagine my occupation and oyster farm. I began experimenting and exploring new designs and new species. I lifted my farm off the sea bottom to avoid the impact of storm surges created by hurricanes and started to grow new mixes of restorative species. Now, after 29 years of working on the oceans, I’ve remade myself as a 3D ocean farmer, growing a mix of seaweeds and shellfish for food, fuel, fertilizer, and feed.

That’s how I got to where I am today. Now let’s dive in and take a look at the farm and deconstruct why it’s designed the way it is. Imagine a vertical underwater garden with hurricane-proof anchors on the edges connected by floating horizontal ropes across the surface. From these lines kelp and Gracilaria and other kinds of seaweeds grow vertically downward next to scallops in hanging nets that look like Japanese lanterns and mussels held in suspension in mesh socks. Staked below the vertical garden are oysters in cages and then clams buried in the sea floor.


Self-sustaining living on the sea can utilize this sort of farming. Some ppl even grow red cabbage, lettuce, beans, basil and strawberries - under the sea. Most of the sea is not under state control, solar power and batteries can supply energy, water is desalinated using that energy, 3D ocean farming for food. I wonder how large of a horizontal platform can be built that can withstand huge waves. Anchoring is prob. not necessary but a huge weight can balance the whole thing down? There is this ship with dimensions 124 by 382 meters, so huge that it can carry oil rigs!  This needs to be looked at - God knows what'll happen on land. We gotsta be loaded for f--ing bear... Know wha Im sayin?

Note: while we are the topic of food, 12.9% of the world population, 795 million people are undernourished - they do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. This is stupid - we can give them Soylent drink; a person can survive on this for $155 a month, and lead a happy, active life. How bloody hard is it to get this to people who need it?

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