Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Q&A - 4/11


[Paraphrasing] IoT will  encompass everything in its wake, it will be the new revolution..


IoT (the internet of things, internetworking of physical devices) gets a lot of media attention... Everytime I look at this thing though waiting to learn something new, I come out thinking "huh?". Whatchamadingle? Whowhawhy?

I believe a lot of the "buzz" on IoT is coming from established IT companies; but they are looking at this all backwards - they just want to some kind of data stream to come to them. Then they think, well, who / what can generate me this data? Ah, I found it; people's toasters, refrigerators and shit will send me that, I'll take that, do some processin', and send it back. 

But why would I need to send my f**ing toaster data to you? This is not to say that there is no benefit of having every device compatible with internet protocol, so known tools can connect to them over LAN. But my toaster over the Internet? That makes no sense. In fact it is a huge security clusterflunk waiting to happen. 

Needless to say, companies who are hungriest on this type of IoT are also the ones who missed out on that fat "social data" i.e. the the kind that comes out of Facebook users. Microsoft for example. I am not pointing any fingers, MS did some good things as of late.

So: if IoT means accessible / programmable devices, great. But do we need an army of management consultants with their Powerpoint presentations with turtleck sweaters to tell us that? 


What is [Phillipine's new President] Duterte's [who regularly boasts he will kill as many "bad people" as he wants without due process] psychology type? 

Take A Wild Guess


Control Freak


He is also most likely an ESTP, this type usually confuses being obnoxious with being innovative or being "out of the ordinary", "rebellious". Their thirst for the near immediate, the shiny rearranges all their priorities demoting their thinking process to the level of amoeba. You can kiss good-bye to any chance of a statesman, rounded politician showing up. All that combined with a Control Freak? Bad news.

Q&A - 12/7

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