Thursday, November 10, 2016

Q&A - 10/11


If Sanders was the Democratic candidate, he'd have won.

Probably not

Democrats' chances hinged on Obama, and his popularity was not stellar.. Reagan had enough mojo to eek out one more term for the Republicans (Bush I), but Dems this time around, did not. No big deal though, we can't expect that kind of performance from every president. But if the media "really" wants to dig in to this question "why o-why, why the loss!?", then look at why Bam's popularity is not through the roof. There are logical reasons for this: The Middle East is on fire, the "real" unemployment is still high, Obamacare is an over-engineered pile of shit. You can keep going.


[It was] Hillary Clinton's election to lose.


It was Trump's to lose.

I hear the question "how did Trump win?" a lot. A more important question is "how did he win the Republican primaries?" because whoever won the primaries would have the non-Democratic advantage.

Here are some clues: take a look at how Chump picked a fight on Twitter with Jon Stewart for example. He had his ass handed to him, but he tried nonetheless. Or even before that his fight with Obama on the birth certificate. Obama is obviously the liberal-in-chief so a prime target.

He made these public moves because he wanted to present a fighter to the conservatives. Why is this important for them? Well, a lot of the ultra-religious, pious people are seen by the rest as dimwitted, slow people without ideas. They are dismissed out-of-hand for the simple reason for being who they are. Now here is the guy who is picking fights, on their side, with "the rest" and seemingly inflicts some pain. For the intellectually dismissed, that is a major boon. That's how he became "their guy". It's crass, and stupid, but that's is how it works. Within this context Chump's marital issues, "lewd" talk was unimportant. He was "their guy", he had "converted" to their cause even,  married with children now, the past behind him, so on paper he was okay.

Ideally you'd want to see a smart overachiever like Mitt to be "their guy", but Mitt had a bad slot (2012, not a year for Republicans).


Why did Jon Stewart not see he was being used and simply dismiss Trump?

Yeah well..

Everybody has their job... You slap a comedian, he won't sit back, and they will usually go nuclear. We cannot, should not expect too much "situational awareness" in terms of politics from comedians, even political characters in media.  I'll give another example: After Obama's election in 2008, the Republican party immediately appointed a black guy to head the party - Michael Steele, supposedly to improve the party's image. He was saying things like "heeey baby, what's up?", on TV interviews, trying to be cool and failing, miserably. But that was exactly why he was appointed to that job - the Rep psyop team saw there was a "cool black" in the White House, so they decided to counter that with "square black". Comedians kept making fun of Steele of course,  doing Rep psyop team's jobs for them.

This is how these f--kers think. Outsider commentators usually don't stand a chance against any of this.


If the president was elected through popular vote, Trump would have lost.

You don't play football within the rules of volleyball

If the rules required maximum popular vote win for Presidential election, Republicans would change their strategies accordingly. This is a great example of comparing apples and oranges.

Popular vote favors Dems these days because they tend to win in big populous states, big cities. Reps do well in rural areas. When Reps can stitch together enough of these states, and maybe win a big populous state, they are in good shape. The reverse is true for Dems.


How did Reps win Florida with so many Hispanics?

A guess..

It's odd how it all worked out. The anti-immigration, anti-Mexico talk would have hurt in California, but that state is already lost to Republicans, so no major harm there. But cross-the-border-anti-Hispanic talk could maybe help  in Florida, in Miami even, you know a city built by Castro hating Cubans who fled his dipshit regime. At the same time Bam is doing the tango in Havana. I don't know.. just a guess.

Note: I was / am for the mending of ties with Cuba.


Did Hillary have no chance of winning?

You'd need an obnoxiously good campaigner for a Democratic win

.. at the levels of Dubya backed up by Rove, or a Bill Clinton. It is simply unrealistic to expect that from Hillary.

By the way Bill C. won when Democrats had a major advantage.

But the gold medal  goes to Reps for 2000, that election was won when Reps had a major disadvantage. Even te TfC model shows a big win for Dems, with tiny little chance for Reps. For Reps to win everything that could go wrong had to go wrong for Dems, everything that could go right for Reps had to go right for Reps which is exactly what happened. After a little bit of shady dealin', and stealin',  Republicans won. That campaign needs to be taught at schools. It was a major, major feat. W could well be one of the worst Presidents of modern times, but he was a great salesman.

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