Monday, November 14, 2016

Q&A - 14/11


Of course Bernie Sanders could have beaten Donald Trump

He could, if he ran as an independent

.. not as a Democrat. The essential part of the US system and its electorate is people voting based on party, deciding on what to do with the incumbent. Sanders chose to stay with the Dems, but then you are in the incumbent party, this brings along with it certain problems.

Sanders himself was at pains with this, you could see it during the campaign, on how to position himself within the Democrats. In the beginning he was saying Obamacare sucked ass, -he helped write it, so he knew what he was talking about (great line BTW)-. He could say these in the beginning, but near the end, he avoided this talk, because Bam was popular with "the base", and Sanders was trying to get the nomination of his party.

If he ran as an independent all of these restrictions would be removed - tacticallly speaking he could make a big show during the primaries that he was being treated unfairly, blah blah, and kick off his seperate campaign. He did not do these things, because, I guess he is a loyal guy, and in US insititutions still matter a lot.

In any case, if he were running as an independent, then he would be running against the incumbent, and enjoy the same mathematical advantage Trump benefited from.


Hillary's team made the mistake of [fill in the blanks]

They did great

They ran a good campaign and gave Trump's team hell. Transport her and her team back to 2008 they would have won. A sock puppet would have won on the Dem side for 2008 if it got the nomination. Transport Trump to 2012, he would have lost.


Why did Hillary not get the 2008 Dem nomination?

It was too early for another Clinton

Imagine the situation - if she were nominated, and won the general election (she most likely would) the presidents, chronologically, would be Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton. It was not her time.


FBI cost me this election

She can make that case now

.. because FBI stuck its nose where it doesn't belong. Whether it's true or not, FBI's actions created this situation, it was highly inappropriate. Oh BTW we know how FBI bullied Jacob Applebaum, uprooted the man's life (he fled to Berlin). I believe there are alota self-righteous idiots in this insititution who think they live in a Chuck Norris movie. Are these cops or neighborhood thugs ?

Also, a reminder.


What issue is most potentially troubling in a Trump presidency?

Climate change, and what happens to the Paris agreement


What did Obama do well while in office?

The Paris Agreement


Protests against Trump are on their fifth day

It was an ugly campaign

.. no doubt about it. It would be naive to expect there would not be any backlash against the rhetoric in the campaign trail.

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