Monday, December 26, 2016

Q&A - 26/12


Police union demands Amazon to remove 'Bulletproof Black Lives Matter' shirt.


That's one shirt that needs to be bullet-proof doesn't it?


What is this "data science" I keep hearing about?

It is Probabilistic IT

IT concerns itself with automating reporting, decision making, but its actions are deterministic. I move $100 from account A to account B, $100 gets deducted from A, added to B. Maybe there is a rule that says "if the amount is > blah do blah" - all these are predetermined.

With Probabilistic IT there is also reporting, decision making, but reporting, actions are probabilistic. A typical report could be "give me the clusters of customers", let's say 10 customer clusters are "discovered" and reported. Certain outlier customer could end up in one or another depending on algorithmic approach (hence the word probabilistic) but in any case, this is a report, we are trying to automate what an excellent marketing manager would come up with if s/he had 10 eyes and 10 brains to sift through all the data.

I believe in the future this Probabilistic IT will come to encompass all of IT and what is known today as IT will be "core IT". There is already a lot of skillset overlap between the two - both require a knowledge around how to handle a lot of data, interacting with databases, gazillion languages.

SO data scientists should not be treated as "scientists" - they are IT professionals, engineers.


[T]he core issue in the [Israel / Palestenian] conflict has always been the refusal by the Palestinians and their supporters to recognize Israel’s legitimacy and negotiate in good faith a lasting peace deal. That was true in 1947-8 [..]


To be fair, the 1947 "good deal" is a myth.

But hey, the reality on the ground today is that Palestanians lost, and now the better way forward is, IMHO, one-state solution that treats all citizens equally. This is true whether it is in Turkey (for Kurds) or in Malaysia for bumiputera (which they managed well), or non-nationalists (or simply people who aren't inbred conservatives) in Poland. Whoever is in power needs to be accommodative. You can't get to the top job dragging all the petty grievances with you.


He is a baby-boomer that's why he is rebellious (said a person about someone else born in 1948)

He is not

Baby boomer generation is assumed to be between 1946-1964. But if one looks at the psych profiles closely, the real time window for those different attitudes is between 1951 and 1958. There are exceptions of course, the block is not entirely contiguous -  Angela Merkel has it, Vlad Pute doesn't. A quick note: this character attribute is not about being "weird", it is about having an "earthy idealism" - knowing what will work, what can be, what is possible, what is not etc.

Ppl born in the larger window should not fret: they would have grown up / spent their lives around these change makers, and soaked all that up through osmosis.

Also there is another attribute that is close to the baby-boomer one, but shows up more randomly - this is the one Alvin Toffler had for example.


How do you know so much about the profiles of people?

That's right..

I. D. D. Q. D. mothaf--ka. Better believe it.

(Juz kidding...)

Q&A - 12/7

Question I still have issues with the baker case. . why could the baker not serve the gay couple? Here is a good analogy Imagine you ...