Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Q&A - 27/12

Anthony Scaramucci

[Trying to argue against climate change] We get a lot of things wrong in the scientific community

Yes, but _you_ are not part of the scientific community

Meyers made the point well.


But scientists can take so many extreme (interesting!) positions.

They can

But scientists are driven by publish-ability of their ideas - you don't get published by repeating what the other guy says. These people's entire being is centered to live on the fringes, to push the frontier, to find what is new. They'll know the core really well, otherwise you cannot make the jump to the next best thing, but the core is not interesting to them. That is a different need from the needs of the policy maker. Policy makers cannot go around and throw out random ideas just because it sounds interesting, and/or "might lead to something".

I guess some also like to flirt with academese because it gives them some sort of imbecilic legitimacy - Gellner said it best - "[nation-states are based on a] a pyramid at whose base there are primary schools, staffed by teachers trained at secondary schools, staffed by university-trained teachers, led by the products of advanced graduate schools. Such a pyramid provides the criterion for the minimum size for a viable political unit ".

And everyone wants to imagine they are at the top of that pyramid, don't they?


Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 68, Found Alive

Ha Ha

Battery Fueled by Iron and Water