Saturday, December 3, 2016

Q&A - 3/12

New Yorker

If most voters are uninformed, [should they] make decisions about the public’s welfare?

Yes, Indirectly

Through representatives in Congress or the Executive.

Not through monkey referandums.


Are people better at deciding on people than issues?


There is especially some magic in the many choosing the many (campaign funding reform can improve the situation even better). Things can go awry in many choosing one, but still, you have to take the bad with the good, it works out in the long run.

Bill Clinton

[From My Life] Then we came to [a small town called] Center Point [..] a little place of fewer than two hundred people. The black notebook said the man to see was Bo Reece, a longtime supporter who lived in the best house in town. In the days before television ads, there was a Bo Reece in most little Arkansas towns. A couple of weeks before the election, people would ask, “Who’s Bo for?” His choice would be made known and would get about two- thirds of the vote, sometimes more.

Thought Leader, Old School

This is pre-Internet, but the dynamic has not changed. People nowadays find thought leaders through much more varied media, but they still find them. We like to outsource. We outsource mechanical tasks to mechanical tools, detailed, bean-counting computation to calculators, then computers. It's no concidence we outsource political thought to others.

This dynamic should not be poo-pooed. The town folk chose Bo, they must have seen some qualities in him. If Bo stopped exhibiting these qualities, he would cease to be their guy.

Fast-forward to today, is there chaff among today's thought leaders that are seemingly more varied? Sure. But they all comment based using the same backdrop, and they are not aliens. There aren't that many obnoxiously different conclusions you can arrive given the existing system on major issues.

Like this guy, Glenn Beck. This man used to do all kinds of conspiracy theories, talking non-sense on random stuff, and be bitch-slapped by Jon Stewart every other week because of them. Look at him now. Improvement?


Any advice to movie makers?

Please stop blowing up parliament buildings by perps in Guy Fawkes masks


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