Monday, January 9, 2017

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Maurice Wilkins, who died on Tuesday aged 87, played a key role in discovering the double helix structure of DNA, the molecule that carries genetic information. He shared the Nobel Prize awarded for the momentous discovery with Francis Crick and James Watson.

Although Watson and Crick became far better known than the intensely private and self-effacing Wilkins, the Cambridge pair were, in essence, theoreticians. Their conclusion that DNA had twin molecular chains intertwined, published in 1952, relied on the experimental results obtained at King's College London by Wilkins and his colleague Rosalind Franklin.


Crick & Watson most likely "borrowed" ideas from Linus Pauling - his name comes up in the "real inventor" gossip, not Wilkins'. Admittedy one day they were visiting Pauling who was also researching DNA, and some DNA X-Ray results suggesting double-helix structure were on his desk. Pauling was suspecting this structure, but Crick & Watson did some more snooping, then jumped in and published a paper using these specific words, upstaging Pauling. 


We are five days into a dramatically different eating regime, and several hours into a session of being bombarded with information that runs counter to the received wisdom about diet that we have been given all our lives.

The regime itself is relatively simple. It can be simplified as a week of “healing the gut” by eliminating sugar, dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol from our diets and eating more fermented food such as sauerkraut, followed by a long-term change in eating habits to cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white rice, breakfast cereal and pasta.

This is Montignac's Method

There is nothing new about it. 

It's a good system tho. 

Kotlikoff & Burns

[From The Coming Generational Storm book, 2005] According to The Treasury Papers, Medicare has a $43.6 trillion unfunded liability! 10 This is over four-fifths of the $51 trillion fiscal gap. 11 The reason the Medicare liability is roughly six times larger than Social Security’s is not due to major differences in the present values of their projected future benefit payments. Medicare’s projected benefits are larger than those of Social Security, but by only one-fifth. The big difference is that the 12.4 percent Social Security payroll tax is much larger than the 2.9 percent Medicare tax. In the Treasury Papers’ fiscal gap accounting, Medicare is allocated none of the general revenue finance used to finance a good chunk of its benefits.


As of today the unfunded liabilities of US are roughly around $100 trillion. IMO this is why a switch to universal basic income will be necessary for US at some point; instead of politicians writing themselves IOU's, sweeping things under the carpet, gov at some point will have cancel all of its programs, and start UBI, redistributing today's tax income for today's citizens, not tomorrow's imaginery income for a population whose make-up we cannot be sure of, but at worst case can be tilted heavily towards the old. The K. I. S. S. principle will win the day.

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Question I still have issues with the baker case. . why could the baker not serve the gay couple? Here is a good analogy Imagine you ...