Friday, March 31, 2017

Still Not Even Wrong


This week results are being presented by the LHC experiments at the Moriond (twitter here) and Aspen conferences. While these so far have not been getting much publicity from CERN or in the media, they are quite significant [..]  The results on searches for supersymmetry (SUSY) reported this week have all been negative, further pushing up the limits on possible masses of conjectured superparticles. [..] This is now enough data near the design energy that some of the bets SUSY enthusiasts made years ago will now have to be paid off, in particular Lubos Motl’s bet with Adam Falkowski, and David Gross’s with Ken Lane (see here). A major question now facing those who have spent decades promoting SUSY extensions of the Standard Model is whether they will accept the verdict of experiment or choose a path of denialism, something that I think will be very damaging for the field.


Man some ppl keep fightin' that windmill.. That, and this multiverse M-theory bullshit keeps on resurfacing. 

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