Thursday, June 29, 2017

Q&A - 29/6

This would be hilarious, if it wasn't so tragic

Interesting angle

The tweetstorm is here. This was in response to the Guardian article blaming publishers for the obscene amount of money made by (wasted on) them. Tweetstorm says the problem is, as with all substance abuse, drug situations, with the demand. Makes sense.


You shared this article on employee's fluctuating incomes. Should we bar employers / regulate them so they cannot dynamically allocate work?


My position is, still, freedom for businesses, and direct help to people if there are insecurities caused by the dynamic nature of the economy.


Are income tax credits a good idea?


People will game that system. Plus the assistance is not as simple (less bureucratic) as it can be.

Why is infrastructure good? For example a road? There are no if-then-else rules for a road. "If your wheel size is blah, after 4:00 PM, in a rainy day, do not drive here". A road is a f--king road. Everyone can drive on it. It is simple, it applies to all - that's why it helps the economy.

Q&A - 23/2

Question Previous model on employment / debt  was good; but what about inflation What about inflation.. Here is the extended model ...