Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Q&A - 4/7


Comedy is about timing

It's also about wording

I watched Drew Carrey do a joke once (remember Carrey? This guy). Here is how it goes. Guy meets girl in a bar. They hit it off, and they go to her place. But before they start, guy says "I have to tell you something, I have a fetish". Girl says "ooOOOooo, kinky" and she disappears to her back room. She comes back minutes later dressed all in leather. She says "let's do it honey". Guy says: "What are you talking about? While you were inside, I shit in your purse, I fucked the dog - I am done".

Here is the equally interesting part: Carrey says he tried to make that joke PG-13, like using another word instead of the F-word, he tried "I did the dog", "I boinged the dog", screw, eff, hump,  ... Nothing works. It has to be I fucked the dog. Only then the joke is funny.

Why is that? I don't know. Carrey doesn't know it either.


Buzz Aldrin makes "faces" during Trump speech and "Internet goes wild"


Guy is like 100 years old, I think he's gone senile, that is a likelier explanation. Plz no more "Trump got slammed by __some leader facial move, or celeb snark put down__". Citizens: U want shit done, go out on streets. Otherwise, let's say, it's unlikely US citizens will ever get universal health coverage. Forget these ticks, zingers.


Isn't building infrastructure enough?

People are infrastructure

For second-wave industrial age infrastructure is roads and bridges. For post-modern, post-industrial age, individual's peace of mind is infrastructure. Ergo universal health coverage. We want people "trystorming", trying a lot of ideas, failing fast until they get it right, "hit digital gold". They can only do these things if they are not worrying about trivial nonsense. Knowledge economy moves too fast, so some aspects of life need to be simplified to compensate.

Guns and Butter

Peter Schiff "We had a lot of problems that happened in 70s, under Nixon and Ford. But those problems started in the 60s, the great ...